Homewreckers: Most Notorious Mistresses In History



For every successful man there’s a beautiful strong woman behind, who has to keep her man looking sharp and feeling great, and then there’s the other woman who just can’t help herself, the other woman is called a mistress and she’s every wife’s worst nightmare, today we count down the most horrible and famous mistresses the home wreckers in history.

 Marilyn Monroe

She was beautiful, talented and wild, a perfect alternative for a married man, she shared her talents with the then states man, JF Kennedy who was married to “Jackie” Bouvier Kennedy, according to historians miss Monroe met JF in a dinner party in 1963 and there was a mutual attraction from both parties, they started seeing each other right after, if you think that’s dirt, Miss Monroe is also rumored to have an affair with JF’s brother. Low down dirty shame.

Camilla Parker Bowles

She might be Charles wife now but the world won’t forget that Mrs. Parker Bowless Gorge was once a mistress, according to those who know history, Camilla and Charles dated long before Charles married Princess Diana, but the Queen made it clear to Charles that he cannot marry her because she had been passed around more than a bucket of chicken in a porker game, so Charles went out and found himself a nice girl with no negative past and married her. While he continued his affair with Camilla. According to Princess Diana’s secrets tapes and book, she knew about Charles and BEAUTIFUL Camilla, throughout their marriage, when she finally decided to confront her, she said “you have everything you want two beautiful boys and all men in the world admire you, what more do you want.”  We wonder if Camilla of Balls ever thought Dian just wanted her to leave her husband alone.

Dale Elizabeth Tryon, Baroness Tryon

“Kanga’ as she was known was another mistress of Prince Charles, she also like Camilla dated Charles before he married Diana, but was ruled out by Queen because she had a past that wasn’t suitable for future king’s wife.

How she met Charles? She arrived in England after her parents in Australia sent her packing because of some boyfriends they didn’t approve of, she was a hit in London’s social circle, and she met Anthony Tryon, Baron Tryon who was a member of Prince Charles’s inner circle, that’s how she met Charles. She also married Baron Tryon but like Camilla, marriage didn’t stop her from sleeping with Prince Charles, and becoming Diana’s best friend when she saw that her arch rival Camilla was winning as Prince Charles official mistress. When Charles and Princess Diana of Wales divorced, Charles started drawing to Camilla she became delusional, she ended up in a mental institute and later died.

Gennifer Flowers

Mistress to than US Potus Bill Clinton clearly didn’t read and sign the mistress code of conduct During Clinton’s 1992 Presidential election campaign, Gennifer Flowers made it known that she had had a 12 year affair with him. Clinton denied the affair, but changed his mind in January, 1998 when Kathleen Willey accused Clinton of having had an affair with her. Flowers made half a million for sharing her personal life with the media.

Oksana Grigorieva

She carried a two year affair with Married Hollywood Legend Mel Gibson, Mel and his wife divorced after 29 years together Oksana had a daughter by  Mel, but this didn’t go well after that,  there rumours of abuse and Mel was heard in a telephonic recording saying he wish Oksana could rapped by a group of Nig*az. Why bring Nighaz in this Mel?

All 222836478433846336 strippers Tiger woods’ slept with while married to his wife Elen.

in our generation K Stew

Yeah miss stew landed on a wrong plate, a married man’s plate for that matter she carried a brief affair with Hollywood director Rupert Sanders.

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