Mother’s Love: Woman Gives Birth 54 Days After Death


A 22 year old pregnant Karla Perez had a severe headache and she thought she should sleep off, little did she know that would be her last nap.

After the meant to be short nap failed she collapsed into a coma and doctors couldn’t save her, Doctors at Methodist Women’s Hospital Perinatal Center discovered she had an intracranial haemorrhage and there was nothing they could do to save her.

At the time the foetus was too early in the pregnancy to be delivered so Karla’s family asked the doctors to save the baby by prolonging her life.

According to Washington post only once in 1999 a brain dead woman was able to give birth successfully.

“We were attempting something that not many before us have been able to do,” said Sue Korth, vice president and COO of Methodist Women’s Hospital in a statement after the successful procedure.

54 days and “a giant leap of faith” later, Baby Angel was born via C-Section. Her mother died 2 days later.

The hospital said, “Angel’s first cry was bittersweet – it meant he was alive, but Karla was gone.”

Source: The Washington post

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