Magazine Printed With HIV Positive Blood

awareAustralian popular men’s magazine has done the never been done before to raise HIV/AIDS awareness among its readers.

Vangardist magazine printed the latest issue using blood from 3 HIV positive volunteers to counter the stigma associated with the virus it’s editor told AFP.

“We wanted to make a statement against the stigma and the irrational fears [about]… HIV and HIV-positive people,” Julian Wiehl, founder and editor-in-chief of Vangardist magazine, told AFP

“If you hold this magazine in your hands it is like holding somebody who is HIV positive. Nothing can happen, nothing can harm you holding the magazine, and nothing can harm you holding an HIV-positive person,” he said.

The mag is normally available online only but this special edition was also made available on a physical copy for the very first time.

“#HIVHeroes” edition is in hard copy, printed using blood donated by three people who are HIV-positive and mixed with normal ink.

Three thousand copies of the bilingual German-English special edition can be ordered online for $55.65 each, with all proceeds going to charity. A further 15 000 normal copies are also available.

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