Chinese Caught Manufacturing Fake Condoms

not real

A Chinese factory is under scrutiny after police discovered illegal fake condoms.

According to Kenya today, Shanghai police busted this undercover factory in early hours Tuesday and confiscated about 3 million fake condoms.

The fake condoms are reportedly made in this factor are sold to hotels under famous brands like Durex and Jissbon.

Zhang Wenliang, a Shanghai police officer on the case, explained that the issue was more than just about using fake branding.
“The materials used in these products are of very low quality, and have a disgusting smell,” said Zhang, “Heavy metal elements were tested in them, which are very harmful to the human body.”

The case involved over 12 million Yuan ($1.9 million) at large. Up to eight municipalities and provinces in China, including Shanghai, Guangdong and Shaanxi, have seen the fake condoms circulating. Police have taken down nine similar workshops across the nation, while investigations are ongoing.
The condoms were destined for Nairobi!

Source: Kenya today

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