Uzzi Is The New Orange: Twitter Drags Uzzi To Hell & Back For Being A Criminal’s Brand Of Choice

uzziClothing brand Uzzi is trending on twitter for all the funny reasons.

After 2 of 4 alleged killers of Mozambican national living in Soweto appeared in court tweeps saw that they have something in common rather than being alleged murders, their attire.

The two of the four suspects were wearing uzzi hoodie jackets and in true twitter style Uzzi was roasted to hell and back for being the new prison uniform among other things.

Some of the roast tweets

Black__CarT@Black__CarT 16m16 minutes ago

Guys who wear UZZI are the reason Jesus won’t save people in Alexander.

Lemonka@Lemonka 2h2 hours ago

What was I thinking that dude was wearing an Uzzi golf shirt and that bluetooth thingimajigie.

Cyril@Creal_sa 16h16 hours ago Durban, South Africa

Hawu “@SadieWiggles: If your man owns an Uzzi hoodie you might as well start using Dawn coz your life isn’t going anywhere.”

AbortedNews@AbortedNews 24h24 hours ago

I bet Oscar Pistorius was wearing an Uzzi sweater when he stole Reeva Steenkamp’s life

B.M.A.C@BMAC_SA 24h24 hours ago

Owning an Uzzi sweater will make your whole body feel lifeless. It’s so hard to smile because you know how fake you’ve being.

They callme Lu@Lukipa_ 24h24 hours ago

This is true “@CulpritEnter: Every time they interview a criminal on Carte Blanche, he’s wearing an Uzzi item

Where’s the chill South Africa?

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