A Few Good Men: Residents Stand Up For Foreigners & Against Xenophobia

Picture supplied by Daily News

Picture supplied by Daily News

In the midst of all the xenophobic attacks going on in South African townships and other areas, it is refreshing to see real people doing more than just tweeting about the attacks on foreigners.

A group of South Africans and residents of Ekurhuleni, Palm ridge have organized a patrol team to protect foreigners residing and working in their community from the barbaric attacks and to maintain peace with the community.

The patrol team is lead by Petros Nkosi, 49, consists of 19 men who are fully committed to the course.

“Since the attacks against foreigners started, we have asked for help from other community members so that there is extra man-power to prevent possible attacks,” said Mr Nkosi adding that they had held discussions with foreign shop owners in their community whom they asked to take precaution by closing their shops at 9pm. The community patrol teams begin to patrol as soon as the shops are closed so that the shops remain secure and safe.

Nkosi and his men have been applauded by many South Africans who are against the attacks on foreigners which are currently going on in the country.

Bravo mister Nkosi and your team, wouldn’t it be nice we see more of this movement and less tweets?

Sourced from: Daily sun

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