How To Deal With School Refusal

school refuserChildren are known to be stubborn, but in some cases there might have a deep problem that might make them behave in a certain way.

One of these rare events where children might have a real problem when they refuse to follow instruction is when they refuse to go to school. When your child refuses to go to school there’s a chance it might be a child just being a child or there might be a deeper problem. So we equip you with few ways of how to deal with school refusal.

Root out the problem

If your child is not being petty surely there is a reason why he refuses to go to school, try talking to him see if he gives any reason why he won’t go to school. Children are different some will talk but others will resist and keep quite.

Lead the conversation ask questions like

  • Is someone mean to you
  • Is school not fun
  • Are your teachers treating you well
  • Are you afraid you will not do well or fit it in
  • Are you not making any friends at school

If your child still doesn’t come clean with you don’t panic introduce some professional help take him to the pediatrician or counselor maybe he needs be checked by a professional for anxiety or any other illnesses that might cause him to refuse to go to school.

Between you and the pediatrician the course of school refusal is bound to come out, discuss your child’s concern with the school, so he can have a piece of mind knowing that the teachers are with him. Whether his problem is medical or just a phase, a problem could be as small as a pinch of salt but you need to look at it just to be sure.













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