DA Calls For Name & Shame And Blacklist Of Deadbeat Dads

deadbeatDemocratic alliance held a protest outside parliament in attempts to get the ruling party to go through with the initially proposed amendment bill to bring child support defaulters to book.

Speaking to the protesters who are mainly DA members’ party leader Helen Zille said they were adamant that the ANC should follow through with the bill.

“We are gathered to make our voices heard on an issue directly affecting the nine million children in South Africa today who grow up in single parent households.”

Zille said the campaign stressed to people that they should not “make a baby if you can’t be a good parent”.

“Children who grow up in single parent households are more likely to be born into poverty, especially if the mother is still a teenager. Due to circumstances these children are more vulnerable to substance abuse and being drawn into risky sexual behaviour.”

Zille added that the dead beat dads should be named and shamed

“The ANC has now backtracked on their commitment, and decided to remove this clause entirely. They have based their opposition to blacklisting maintenance defaulters on the weakest of arguments. The ANC argued that blacklisting defaulters would prevent them from getting credit to pay maintenance.

“We will stage the mother of all fights in Parliament to ensure that Clause 11 is included in this Maintenance Amendment Bill.”

Mayor Patricia de Lille said they wanted to send a message to all who defaulted on child maintenance.

“It is the duty of both mother and father to bring up a child. Even if you leave the relationship you must still pay child maintenance. Section 28 of the constitution gives special rights to children and we must do more than just talk about children’s rights.”

DEAD BEAT DAD, now how’s that for your credit score records?

Source: IOL.

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