Run all nightFast and the Furious 7 grossed more than R20 million in SA during opening weekend, can any of these 3 upcoming Movies live up?

The Longest Ride

Release date: 17 April 2015

Genres: Drama, Romance

Running time: TBA

Directed by: George Tillman. Jr.

Starring: Alan Alda, Britt Robertson, Jack Huston, Oona Chaplin,S cott Eastwood

Luke (Scott Eastwood) was a champion bull rider, but after a fall that put him in the hospital, he had to stop competing. Now, with the possibility that he and his mother could lose their ranch, he has to get back into the sport to earn enough money to pay the bills, even though another bad fall will likely kill him. He meets Sophia (Britt Robertson), a college student who will soon be heading to New York to begin her new career. They fall in love, but with them both heading in opposite directions they don’t know where their relationship stands. While driving, they come across Ira (Alan Alda), an elderly man whose car went off the side of the road, trapping him inside.He shares his memories of his own decades-long romance with his beloved wife, which deeply inspires the young couple.

Project Almanac

Release date: 17 April 2015

Genres: Thriller

Running time: TBA

Directed by: Dean Israelite

Starring: Allen Evangelista, Ginny Gardner, Jonny Weston, Sam Lerner, Sofia Black-D’Elia

When a group of high school students find an old camera, they notice something odd in the footage. Their present selves are in one of the home videos from over 10 years ago. The friends begin to realize that there is more to this camera than meets the eye. After hearing a clicking sound in the basement, they find a time machine. Traveling to events all over the world in different eras and having the time of their lives, the friends think things can’t get any better.But when their journeys cause ripples through time and create devastating circumstances around the world, the friends must go back to the past and fix the mistakes they made before the world is destroyed

Run all night

Release date: 17April 2015

Genres: Thriller

Running time: TBA

Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra

Starring: Common, Ed Harris, Joel Kinnaman, Liam Neeson, Natalie Martinez, Vincent D’Onofrio

Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) has gained a reputation for being one of the greatest hit men to work for mob boss Shawn McGuire (Ed Harris). The friends have steadily avoided the law and have dodged detectives for the past 30 years. Now 55, Jimmy finds himself at yet another crossroads in his life – choosing between his crime family and his actual family – when he discovers that his estranged son Mike (Joel Kinnaman) might be heading down a dark and twisted path. Jimmy is reunited with old friends, foes and demons as he works to protect his family.

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