Children Through Parent Divorce

helpAcording to the telegraph news ministers intend to rewrite the law in attempt to get equal access to their children after a divorce.

Currently, family courts decide to leave children with their mothers in the vast majority of divorce cases.  But this is changing due to campaigners who have long complained.

Without legal right fathers can be excluded from seeing their children therefore ministers hope to create new rights for children to ensure equal access to both parents.

According to the Office for National Statistics, one in three children which is equivalent to 3.8 million lives without their father.

Campaign group Fathers4Justice claims that every day 200 children lose contact with their fathers because of decisions taken in family courts.

Parents should have a full and continuing role in their children lives. This law needs to change in order for children to have safe and ongoing relationships with both parents.

Mr Norgrove, who chairs the Low Pay Commission, said “Quite clearly, ordinary living and working arrangements make an equal division impossible, and undesirable, in all but a small minority of cases.

“In all of this, the most important thing remains the principle that the child’s welfare is the paramount consideration and this must not be diluted.”

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