Exclusive: “The Tweets Are A Hox And I know Who’s Behind Them”- Trevoh Noah

TNSouth Africa comedian Trevor Noah broke his silence about the alleged, sexist and racist tweets from 5 years ago.

The tweets which degrade, women and Jews were sent out by Noah 5 years ago are on his official twitter account sparked outrage and people are calling for Trevor to lose the daily show gig.

Speaking out exclusively for the first with in time magazine the South African born Noah said he has been made aware of the tweets and after some private detective work by himself he can confirm that those tweets are not authentic and the person who sent them out is fellow South African comedian.

Here are the snippets of the exclusive sit down between IT and Noah.

IT: Are you a sexist, Jew hating begot that you’re alleged tweets put you ask?

TN: No I am not

IT: then why send out such tweets?

TN: I did not tweet those things, somebody is trying to ruin me, and jealousy is an ugly disease I tell you.

IT: Somebody, any idea who is that somebody?

TN: yes, a postman from Venda, (Venda is a place in South African Province of Limpopo), who is so envious of me and everything I have achieved.

IT: Why would a postman be envious of you? Do you perhaps have history or an issue with this postman?

TN: you see, sir, the post man is a small time comedian back at home, he has always had beef with me and now that I’m a big time comedian he pulled one out of his bag.

IT: what started this beef between you?

TN: Lack of originality on his part, everything I do, he claims to have done first, my jokes he says he did them first, my girlfriend, he claims to have dated first, my dimples, he had first, my mother he says he had first. The guy is a joke.

IT: can you prove that he is behind this if so how?

TN: nodding, easy my brother tell me, is this funny? Are those tweets funny?

IT: No, they are fair from funny if anything they are offensive and…. TN Interrupts.

TN: Case solved, that’s how I and the rest of SA know David did it,

IT: Oh The postman doe s have a name?

TN: No, I just call him David, Kau (Kau is a tsotsi taal (slang) term used by South Africans, it loosely translate to friend)

Now funny IT: Seems you’re sure of yourself Mister Noah

TN: I am and together with the public protector’s office we will prove that David is behind this.

IT: thank you for the exclusive Mr Noah, any last words for your fans around the world?

TN: yes, I just want the world to know that I will never make fun of fat people there’s “The biggest loser” for that or ugly women, my mother always told me not to pick fights with ugly people they have nothing to lose, and the Jews, I mean any smart person in this business (show buz) knows better than to mess with the Jews, I know what they did to Jesus and Charlie Sheen.

We don't know how this pic ended up here

We don’t know how this pic ended up here

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