Flabba’s Alleged Killer Granted Bail

looks canSindiswe Manqele a woman who stands accused of killing rapper Nkululeko “Flabba” Habedi has been granted R10 000 bail by the Alexander Magistrate court.

This is after Manqele claimed that she acted in self defence and that she has evidence that she was indeed attacked.

Her lawyer presented the court with doctor’s sheets showing that she has sustained deep tissue injuries caused by blunt force trauma.

The state has opposed bail on grounds that the suspect is a danger to herself as earlier reports state that she tried to commit suicide by cutting herself with a beer bottle after she realised she had killed Flabba and that she count temper with the witnesses as they were all well known to her.

The state also told the court of how Flabba screamed calling for help after she stabbed him.

According to Sunday papers Flabba’s final words were “this bitch has stabbed me”, he allegedly said those words while lying on a pool of his own blood while his two relatives tried to keep him alive through CPR.

Reports also confirmed that Manqele injured herself in the scene when police asked her where she got the knife that was used to kill Flabba.

The state also argued that some of Manqele’s injuries were exaggerated.

Her lawyer said that there were no witnesses to the stabbing and that the state’s case was weak. The accused is not a flight risk and she will hand over her passport.

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