Flex Those Abs: Be your own Personal Trainer

work sir
Ever dreamt of having sexy abs like Taylor Lautner or Salman Khan, and starving to attract those hot sizzling chicks?
Well turn that dream into a reality by becoming your own personal trainer.
Today everything revolves around the “ching ching” (money) even the extent of having the hottest sexiest body, money talks.
By being your own personal trainer not only will you look hot as ever but you will save a lot.
So kick start your summer by being your own personal trainer and before you know it, it’ll be ‘all eyes is on you’.
Take these steps to become your own personal trainer:
Set Goals
Before starting with an intense workout, one should set their goal. A goal that is a ‘SMART’ (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based) goal. With a goal set, you can be more focused and in a guide to achieving your desirable outcome. For instance, jogging everyday will make you achieve weight loss and contraction of your calf muscle.
Effective Crunches
Lie flat on your back on the floor. Take a deep breath, suck in your stomach and keep your eyes focused on the ceiling. Thereafter raise your upper body off the ground until it is at a 45 degree angle with the floor. Don’t pull on your neck, as this can lead to forward head posture, neck pain and can result in migraine headaches. Hold the contraction for 2 to 3 seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Perform 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. This will stimulate and contract your abdominal muscles.
30 Minute Exercises
Cycling, hiking, running, jogging are ways in which is seen to contract your core muscles. With theses activities it makes exercising a pleasure and a way to shred the fat away.
Proper Nutrition
When on a workout it’s advisable to drink plenty of water as this assists in fat burning and increasing oxygen levels and energy. Try not to consume a lot of alcohol as this increases your appetite. Stick to the food requirements like proteins 10-15%, fats 20-30%, carbohydrates 50-55%. When it comes to diets, it’s a NO! Remember when its supper time, try not to have too much carbohydrates as carbohydrates burn out slower while you sleep, and you’re more likely to gain more weight at night.

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