Each To Their Own: Open in new window Gothic Themed Wedding Dress

the bloodMany women are shunning tradition and choosing wedding themes that reflect their personalities. Although many brides might choose mermaid on the beach or salsa in their backyard some women are going gothic! A gothic themed wedding is not the obvious wedding as it seems far from romantic and more like a freak show.

Gothic weddings are quite popular, so much so that Las Vegas even has a whole gothic wedding package. You are never alone in Las Vegas if you want to try something ‘different’.

Forget about tradition because a gothic themed wedding can be just as romantic and intimate as a traditional one. The guests can wear medieval or gothic attire, which will go beautifully with the theme. For that vintage feel the wedding could be held in an old castle or somewhere in the hills in true Goth style.

Go back to the days when Saturday Night Fever was all the rage and entertain guests with some of the best 80’s music.

No matter how hard you try to convince your mother than black is the new white your family is just not buying into your theme. How about trying to Goth-up your traditional? Your fiancé loves you so he may just agree to have subtle hints of Goth at the wedding. Something as simple as adding black tulle under your wedding dress can be quite exciting. As you walk down the aisle you will look like the perfect traditional bride but you can reveal your black tulle for the pictures.

The Décor

Circle your candles with ivy or dark coloured flowers as Gothic centrepieces. You might also want to have candlelight at your reception, but you will need a whole lot of candles in case anyone thinks that its their bed time. Arranging a beautiful dark flower in a shallow water-filled Pyrex dish will look stunning.

The Cake

Spot your cake with deep red or purple edible roses. Draping your cake with edible spider webs or bats (icing) will confirm your love for Goth. Alternatively you could retain the traditional wedding cake and top it up a Chucky and his bride figurine

The Music

Traditionally Gothic music, 80’s and 90’s all make a real occasion. You might want to look into that.

The Gown

Unless you can afford a designer, you can forget about wearing an all-Gothic dress. You can however look for something closer to a Goth style and then improve it with your own decorations.

If you want your gothic wedding to be romantic don’t play eerie organ music and have vampire waiting the tables – that is just so Halloween. You might want to highlight your individualism on your wedding day but do remember that this a celebration of love and not the life of count Dracula.

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