Apple Time Is A Lot Of Money: Apple Smartwatches Launched & Will Cost Up To $17,000, Per Watch

Money wristLegendary Smartphone Company Apple broke the internet with the launch of the awaited smart watches that are set to break your pocket too.

The newly launched smart watches will reportedly retail for up $17,000 each.

The watches will range from $349 to $17,000depending on the metals they are made from and the straps they are bought with.

The release that was held in San Francisco let admires and loathes know that there’s more than to Apple’s smart watches than bank breaking price.

Like the fact that all 38 watches come in different make/ versions, some are steel, aluminum, Gold cased and more.

Company’s CEO Tim Cook said that the watches will last owners around 18 hours before they require being charged and that they will take 2.5 hours to fully charge.

more moneyAlso that the watches should and would Power Reserve facility means that the Watch should continue to show the time for “up to 72 hours” after other functions are turned off.

The watches have access to thousands of apps that have been specifically developed for them, companies including Facebook, we chat, and Instagram are among the companies that have developed apps for the smart watch.


There’s more to the smartwach than time.

Cook says the watch could be used to carry various tasks like

using the Watch as a means to open a compatible hotel room lock as an alternative to a key card

checking the name of a song via the app Shazam

opening an internet-connected garage door remotely

But all this awesomeness comes at a price, for users to be able to fully enjoy the smartwaches benefits they must have an iPhone to help carry out the tasks.

rich folks proBut the iconic company did not waste a minute of it’s expensive time explaining the different between all the watches a thing some expects are highly critical of

“When there were estimates of $700 or $800 for the basic stainless steel versions, I would have expected more than just a difference in materials,” said James Moar from Juniper Research to BBC.

“The fact Apple hasn’t done that is why there is no justification for a higher price.”

He concluded.

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