No Drugs Zone: School To Test Kids For Banned Substances

lance's kidsAll Ruby playing students at Menlo Park High School in Pretoria will be tested regularly for banned substances, Beeld reported on Friday.

This was after it joined the SA Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDS) in an effort to protect its pupils.

“We want to avoid an EG Jansen-type situation,” said Sylvester Booysen, the school’s conditioning coach.

EG Jansen High School in Boksburg was in the news recently after pupils were allegedly found in possession of steroids.

Nerice Swanepoel of SAIDS addressed the Menlo Park pupils on Thursday and also warned them against sports supplements.

“The problem with such supplements is that the industry is not regulated. Therefore the manufacturer can say it does not contain banned substances even though it does.”

This could lead to a player being banned from participating in sport for four years.

Swanepoel said the school could use its discretion over who to test and the player would not have a say over it.

Warning signs on steroid use included deep red stretch marks on the body, bad pimples on the back and chest, and high blood pressure.

Medication such as Ritalin and Concerta would also be banned, unless used for medical reasons.

We applaud this school for putting the kids health first and valuing sober sportsmanship.

– Sapa

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