Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Pics Spark Rumours That She’s On The Fix A Flat Injections

remebernow she's here

Kylie is sure giving all her sisters a run for their money for the next Kim title.

She’s making the blogs for all the reasons lately, if it’s not dating 25 year grown man with kids, she’s injecting her lips with silicon.

Yesterday she did what she does best  posted an instagram video of her backside and it was looking a little bigger than usual. Some people believe that the youngest daughter of Ms Kris Jenner and Ms Bruce Jenner is having fix a flat/ butt injections something one cannot put past the Kardashian Klan, they are known for their love of surgery, especially butt injections.

View the before pictures of Kylie and decide for yourself if she is indeed on that fix an flat medicine.

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