It Was A Plot: Indian Groom Who’s Fiancée Married A Guest On Their Wedding Day Says His In-laws Drugged Him So She Could Marry Secret Lover.

suppliedIndian couple who married international headlines earlier this month when a bride dropped his groom and married a guest on their wedding setting because the actual groom allegedly suffered a seizure are at it again.

The almost groom has come out to tell his side of the story.

Daily mail story:

Jugal Kishore, 25, from Uttar Predesh province, India, claims bride Indiravati, 23, allegies that his fiancee fed him sweets laced with sedatives so she could marry her secret lover and humiliate his family.

Mr Kishore says he was given a traditional sweet made of betel leaves when he arrived at the ceremony ten days ago, after which he started feeling woozy.
He said: ‘I’d not eaten all day either, so I felt uneasy on my feet and I just hit the floor.’

Having just made the 370-mile journey from his village to the celebration he was immediately rushed off to hospital.

When he regained consciousness two hours later he went back to the wedding venue to continue the rituals, but Indiravati was married to Harpal Singh, a member of her brother-in-law’s family.
Mr Singh claimed he was caught off guard as he was only wearing jeans and a leather jacket at the time, but agreed to go ahead with the wedding anyway.

Mr Kishore added: ‘I was helpless. The wedding was already over and she was no more mine.

‘I had to return home without my wife. I can never forgive her for this embarrassment.’

His elder brother Ravi Kumar, 34, believes the whole wedding was a farce and it was a conspiracy to insult the family.

He said: ‘My brother is perfectly healthy. He’s never suffered any seizures. In fact the doctor said he was anxious and had a high blood pressure and that’s why he lost consciousness.

‘He sent him home with no concerns and told him to eat some food. It’s shocking that no one from the bride’s family joined us at the hospital. They seemed totally unfazed.’

Mr Kishore claims Indiravati’s relatives became aggressive when he went back to the wedding venue.

He said: ‘After I returned from the hospital, a crowd of nearly 250 people surrounded my family. They threatened us and told us to pay Rs 50,000 (£520) for the wedding.

The bride’s family have a totally different story, according to her brother, the bride was furious with her groom because he had not informed her beforehand that he had such serious health condition and she was also angered by thefact that he was a drubkhard the two combined made her very furious so she deicied to cancel him as his groom and asked his brother in lwa’s brother to marry her and he agreed.

“Harpal is my brother-in-law’s younger brother and is a wonderful man. When my sister asked him if he would marry her, he said yes immediately. He is a gem of a person.” Concluded the bride’s brother.
The glittered groom says he has moved on but he refuses to forgive her for what she has done to him.

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