One More Reason To Have Sex This Valentines

sexy thingsStudy shows that babies conceived in February are less likely to least likely to suffer from multiple sclerosis.

Well lovers and friends if you are looking for one more excuse to have sex this Valentine’s Day, we have something healthily interesting for you.

Babies conceived on Valentine’s Day are the least likely to suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, a leading charity has revealed. says that women whose pregnancies span the summer months absorb greater vitamin D from a stronger sun – which research shows has a positive impact on immune system development.

It means, the charity says, November-born babies are far less likely to have the chronic condition compared to those born in May.

Affecting nearly 100,000 people in the UK, MS is the most common disabling neurological condition for young adults today and is campaigning for greater awareness of the crippling nerve condition.

George Pepper, founder of and diagnosed with MS nine years ago, said: ‘Our charity is aimed at young people and the forum is full of comments about how starting a family is a worry. MS is a very uncertain condition to live with, no two cases are the same and it can impact lives on completely different scales.

‘We hope these findings will help reduce the risk for future generations and gives an excuse to have an enjoyable Valentine’s Day.

Read more at Daily Mail

So if you are planning a pregnancy this year do it around the 14 or before month end, everybody wins.

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