No Joy : Pure Joy Juice Recalled After Complaints Of Contamination

shadey drinkTurns out it was 99% pure apple and some amount of a cleaning chemical.

Famous brand Pamalat has recalled 200ml Pure Joy apple juice, after 2 customer complaints were lodged to the SA consumer counsel.

“Although we are pleased with Parmalat’s swift action to investigate and recall the product, it is still concerning that two consumers had to first suffer discomfort and inconvenience before the product contamination was detected,” NCC commissioner Ebrahim Mohamed said in a statement.

“Consumers have a right to fair value, good quality and safety in terms of the Consumer Protection Act, and should receive nothing less from a supplier. We trust that Parmalat will fully remedy this problem and prevent any recurrence.”

The NCC is monitoring the recall system and would take a sample system to make sure that all contaminated products are brought back and tested.

The news of a dent in the juice were first brought to the public’s attention when the Star News paper reported that Parmalat had recalled this one brand of their juice suspecting that it was contaminated by a cleaning product somewhere in the production stage.

“All the unsold affected products have already been recalled from our distribution system, as well as, where possible, from the stores to which it had been distributed,” Parmalat spokesman Andre Mahoney was quoted as saying.

The product was distributed mainly in the Western Cape.

Mahoney said an initial investigation pointed to a factory problem that led to the release of “a small number of packs” being contaminated with the cleaning chemicals.

The company said the juice was unfit for consumption and no other products were affected by the contamination.


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