Soon To Be Miss Bruce Jenner Is Not Gay Say His Close Friends

bad bish BruceAs news of Kardashian/ Jenner father Bruce Jenner’s sex change journey spread more and more people are talking and asking questions like who’s Bruce going to be and date after his journey to becoming a bad bish like all his daughters is finished.

A close family insider has come out and clarified the matter.

“It is quite complicated,” an insider tells Radar. “A lot of people think that his transformation has to do with the fact that he wants to have sex with men. If that was why he was doing this, then he would just come out as a gay man.”

“Bruce is not gay,” the source says. “He did not have sex with men while he was with Kris, and he does not have sex with men now.”

However, according to the source, “Bruce is not going through this transition to be a lesbian, either.”

miss BruceSo Bruce just wants to be Dad in a dress with a veg? Bad bish indeed.

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