the king Bold and the Beautiful Monday 2 February 2015 Wyatt puts Hope on the spot when he charmingly asks her to move into his new home with him. Liam takes Charlie to the Forrester boutique to walk through everything that happened on the night of the jewelry heist. While reviewing the security surveillance video from the night in question, Charlie makes a startling discovery. Despite the crush that she has on Liam, Aly takes Wyatt’s side. Tuesday 3 February 2015 Quinn puts her foot down with Charlie just as he is about to call Liam with information regarding Wyatt’s involvement with the jewelry heist. Hope and Wyatt spend the day together basking in their newfound relationship. Fresh from his encounter with Katie, Bill feels torn between the feelings that he has for both Brooke and Katie. Brooke makes it clear to Bill where her heart really lies. Wednesday 4 February 2015 The tension between adversaries is palpable when Bill pays a visit to Ridge with some advice about Brooke. Katie confronts Brooke about being the one behind Bill’s recent change of heart regarding his marriage. Ridge’s presence at Forrester Creations begins to cause Rick a lot of bitterness and angst. Caroline comes up with an idea to put Rick’s mind and body at ease. Thursday 5 February 2015 Ridge comforts a visibly upset Katie following her upsetting conversation with Brooke. Pam becomes concerned by the sudden change in Charlie’s attitude when she brings up the topic of the jewelry heist. Knowing how close she is getting with Wyatt and Quinn, Liam humbly expresses his concern for Hope’s wellbeing. Wyatt has a surprise for Hope that he anticipates will assist them in taking the next step in their relationship. Days of our lives Monday 2 February 2015 Brady breaks the news to Victor that he will be leaving Titan to work with John at Basic Black. Victor is upset but Maggie convinces him that this is what Isabella would have wanted. After Brady leaves, Victor offers Madison the job of CEO of Titan. Abby calls out Chad and Melanie for betraying her. Abby talks with Marlena who points out that Abby may be seeing a betrayal when there really isn’t one. Sonny questions Chad about cheating on Abby. Tuesday 3 February 2015 E.J. begins his blackmailing of Will by making Will go to John’s interview to get Abe’s job proposal off Abe’s computer. Sami suggests to Kate that Countess Wilhelmina has a search to be the new face of their campaign. Madison informs Brady that Victor offered her the CEO job at Titan. Maggie suggests to Victor to try and involve Bo more in Titan business. Wednesday 4 February 2015 Bo and Hope figure out that the key belongs to a safe deposit box that Alice had under her maiden name Grayson. Rafe and Carrie’s heater acts up forcing them to take off items of clothing to fight the heat. Will spends time with Sonny and his new friend, Matteo. Austin asks Abby to be his student worker. Thursday 5 February 2015 Abe and Jennifer are shocked when they see E.J.’s videotaped press release with his job plan stolen from Abe. Bo and Hope find out they can’t have access to Alice’s safe deposit box because she opened it with another person who is still living. Nicole takes self-defense classes from Quinn. E.J. gives Will a fancy car. Friday 6 February 2015 Bo and Hope figure out that Stefano is probably the other person who opened the safe deposit box with Alice. Sami is at the DiMera mansion when E.J. gives the keys to Will for his new car. Sami doesn’t understand why Will wants to work for E.J. but Will tells her to stay out of it. Will realizes that working for E.J. will have an upside because it will make Sami angry. Jennifer confronts Nicole about stealing Abe’s job plan and the two get into a fight. Daniel and Jack have to pull them off of each other.  Generations Monday 2 February 2015 One of the members of the heist gang is not what he seems to be… Uncle Tebogo pulls rank over Karabo. Getty is not happy to get a call from an old friend. Tuesday 3 February 2015 Cosmo is furious when he finds out what his sister is planning. Namhla seems to be warming towards her new friend. Mazwi finds out who his true father is. Wednesday 4 February 2015 Simphiwe is devastated after reading a scathing article. Kagiso is powerless to resist Lucy’s feminine wiles. Mam’Bhengu gives way to years of pent-up anger. Thursday 5 February 2015 Gadaffi wants payback for his tip-off and is not taking no for answer. Tau’s new plan again involves going behind his wife’s back. Getty is not impressed when an unwanted visitor shows up. Friday 6 February 2015 Namhla confides in her teacher about her troubles. Smanga realises Mazwi is hungry for more. Cosmo makes a worrying discovery at the airport. Isibaya Monday 2 February 2015 Sihle says her goodbyes. Bhekumuzi gets rewarded for his loyalty. Fezile thinks he may have found who he’s been looking for. Tuesday 3 February 2015 Qondi gets a surprise visit from the wives. Mbodla is suspicious of Mkabayi’s visit. Sihle gets a warm welcome from the drivers. Wednesday 4 February 2015 Mandla gets a deal he can’t refuse. Fezile continues his investigation. Qondi is shocked about Bhekifa’s passed. Thursday 5 February 2015 Fezile gets the truth and confronts Mpiyakhe with a plan of action. The chief gets turned down. Mandla gets news he’s not ready to hear. Friday 6 February 2015 Everyone is in shock after what has happened. Bhekumuzi fights for his life. Mkabayi feels guilty for what she has done.   Rhythm City ‘ Monday 2 February 2015 Maponya does some real damage to the defence’s case. The Khuse’s reel in shock when they discover that they’ve been the victims of a scam. Lerato, realises her mistakes and throws herself on David’s mercy. Tuesday 3 February 2015 Lucilla is struggling with her feelings of guilt towards Connie. Reneilwe is devastated and feels that her life is spiralling out of control. Doc won’t let Zolani leave until he finds someone to take over from him as MD. Wednesday 4 February 2015 Anna grills Victoria in preparation for the court case and she cracks under the pressure. Miles has a run in with Doc and Rekere; and tells Doc to stop using Sifiso as a pawn. Kop believes that insurance will cover his lost money, but Prudence tells him otherwise. Thursday 5 February 2015 Victoria and Miles make a drastic move in order to avoid having Victoria testify against Miles. A smitten Prudence misreads Zolani’s attitude towards her as a romantic affection. The Khuse’s make new rules in order to survive their financial crisis. Friday 6 February 2015 Maponya rests his case in a dramatic turn of events in court. Zolani has a successful meeting with his new potential business partners. Scandal Monday 2 February 2015 The alias the Dustbin Man used to visit the prison turns out to be that of someone Lerumo knows. Layla believes there is a plan in place to rob her of all that is important to her. Kitso drops a massive hint to Scelo, and he takes it. Tuesday 3 February 2015 Anzani makes a move which she thinks could save her but, unbeknown to her, someone is playing a nasty game.  Dintle’s past threatens to unravel her plans, but she has a clever strategy up her sleeve.  Scelo finds himself in an emotional state he has never experienced before. Wednesday 4 February 2015 Episode 2186   Anzani realises that she has been set up, but the setup itself presents her with a potentially dangerous idea. Just as Dintle thinks she is making progress, an old problem rears its pretty head. Scelo receives mixed signals from Kitso which has his head in a spin. Thursday 5 February 2015 Revelations about the past lead Lerumo to believe that he may have found the answer to a terrifying riddle. Two visitors to the prison threaten Dintle’s plans; the one intentionally, the other unknowingly. Scelo’s greatest wish comes true. Friday 6 February 2015 Just as Lerumo and Anzani think that all will be well, a gun is fired. Dintle is confronted with the memory of her daughter in a manner which does nothing to bring out her motherly instincts. Scelo finds himself in a race against time. Isidingo Monday 2 February 2015 A new threat emerges in Priya’s bitter custody battle. Calvin watches helplessly as Ben worms his way into Charlie’s life. Sechaba confronts Lerato about her meddling ways. Tuesday 3 February 2015 AK, thinking he’s helping Priya, takes the law into his own hands. Calvin has been trying to give Charlie space, but now he’s getting whipped up about what Ben is up to. Lerato seems to have given up any hope of winning Sechaba back. Wednesday 4 February 2015 Rajesh makes a radical decision in the fight for his daughter. Charlie’s past comes back to haunt her. Lerato looks at her situation and makes the only choice she can. Thursday 5 February 2015  Barker’s hopes of rebuilding his empire in the time he has left, are dealt a hammer blow. Ben’s plan to control every aspect of Charlie’s life is in full swing. S’khu enlists Lerato’s help in arranging a fun Valentine’s Day kiss-a-thon event. Friday 6 February 2015 A brooding Barker issues Bradley the ultimate challenge. Ben attempts to drive a wedge between Charlie and her parents. A reluctant Calvin is drawn into Lerato’s kiss-a-thon by the promise of a mystery admirer.  7de Laan Monday 2 February 2015 Will Bernard and Danelle be able to handle the pressure that Linda puts on their relationship? Errol has big plans for Hilda’s slippers, but he wants a piece of the pie. Tuesday 3 February 2015 Gita takes control of the situation at the Deli, clearly Vince isn’t capable of handling the pressure. Lynette pays a visit to Neville. Wednesday 4 February 2015 Will Neville be able to uncover the true story, or will Lynette have a bad reputation for the rest of her life? Hilda supports Bonita through this rough time in their marriage. Thursday 5 February 2015 Will Bernard fight for Danelle?  Let’s hope Vince knows better than to accept Gita’s help. Dali is madly in love with Nthabi. Friday 6 February 2015 Linda knows exactly who she wants to be her daughter-in-law. Xander saves Vince from making a huge mistake. Ryno is head over heels; will he listen to his head or his heart? Muvhango Monday 2 February 2015 Busi meets again with her professor. Thandaza decides to honour her grandmother, KaNgosini. Ndalamo refuses to come back to Thathe as his life spins out of control. Tuesday 3 February 2015 James resorts to drastic measures in a bid to protect Busi. Mankosi gets angry when Thandaza asks about a past she wants to forget. Matshidiso plays Ndalamo and he falls for it. Wednesday 4 February 2015 James learns that his methods may not be the most effective ones. Thandaza turns to her father for answers. Mulimisi warns Ndalamo about the women in his life. Thursday 5 February 2015 James forces Busi to do an awkward thing, inviting a stranger in his house. Mankosi’s strange behaviour continues, and Thandaza grows even more concerned. Ndalamo’s life is turned upside down by forces he can’t understand Friday 6 February 2015 The professor makes a good impression on James and Nthabeleng. Mankosi reveals how old skeletons from their past. Ndalamo’s legs are suddenly paralysed. Is this the work of the ancestors?

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