The Young At Heart: Research Finds That Senior Citizens 70’ & Older Have Sex At Least Twice a Month

eat and loveOld people have needs too A third of elderly people aged 70 and older say they are still having and enjoying sex in their golden years. 50% of men and almost 30% women agreed on a study done by the University of Manchester that they still have frequent sex at least twice a month. The study also found that ageing and everything that comes with it doesn’t affect affection levels on these grown people, with a majority of the people saying that they still kiss frequently. The research did not dig deep on the reasons why older men are more sexual active compared to women their age but suspect that it might be because their partners are a lot younger than them. A woman’s longer life span is also said to be a contributing factor to them having less sex than men in their golden years, also death as many women might be widowed and have no partner to get down with at their later age. The study also revealed that women tend to enjoy their sex more at an older age, maybe because experience has taught them that they have reached their peak and nothing much can change at that stage. The study, published in the German-based journal Archives of Sexual Behavior Ok do your thing grand, grans we are not mad at all.

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