Informational Interviews Are More Powerful Than a Cover Letters

power upWriting a good and convincing cover letter and putting the best resume is a skill and art everybody in the job market should learn and master but what if I told you that as important as this is there is something that could get you to your next job, faster?

From an experienced writer and person who has been in the job market for over a year now, read why informational interviews are important.

According to the UCLA career center an informational interview is, “a highly focused information gathering session with a networking contact designed to help you choose or refine your career path by giving you an ‘insider’ point of view.”

According Forbes writer , informational interviews are more beneficial than, thousands cover letter and applying for jobs you do not want, for this insider she says her conducting informational interviews making scoring gigs in her desired career and they were much more effective than endless cover letter and resumes she sent out Forbes Write.

Basics on informational interviews:

Informational interviews or meetings are basically schedule meetings with working professionals in your desired filled of work. This type of interview provides a rare opportunity to gain valuable, up-to-date knowledge about a specific business or industry from an “insider.”

While these types of interviews sometimes go around unnoticed and are somehow underrated they go a long way in getting you inside info, on what’s happening in the industry you want to get to, what the professionals want and give you unlimited opportunity to see yourself, that’s more time and space than a cover letter could ever allow you.

Like a real job interview you have to pick your desired industry and find current role players, and email them a short description of yourself, who you are, your educational background and then state that you would like to meet in person to learn more about what they do, for few minutes in a day.

When you  have scored your informational interview gig dress formally  look like a person who really is hungry to learn and come prepared, read the company profile and everything else you need to know about what that person do.

On the actual interview shine and ask as many question as you can, make the person not regret giving you time, take notes of your conversation, let the person know where you are currently (employment state), without sounding too desperate, this means avoiding money talk, purely stick to your passion about the industry or the field you want to get to and what you are capable of.

That person might not have a job for you but they might know someone who can give you a job.

And don’t forget to keep contact after your informational interview, email the person and thank them for allowing time in their busy schedule.

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