Sexy Without Trying: Unexpected Times Your Man Finds You Sexy

so cuteWhile we can’t deny that any man melts at the sight of his woman wearing little next to nothing Victoria secret number, that’s not the only time he finds you sexy. here are unexpected and surprising times your man finds you absolutely sexy without even trying.

In the morning

Not when you blow him with that stinky morning breathe but when you open your eyes fresh from sleep and whisper something with your eyes half opened and your face is make up free. He be feeling you

When you are a little frustrated

No your man won’t  appreciate the idea of you pointing at him with a knife or making your mama’s face because he left his clothes on the bathroom floor, but when you having a rare moment of frustration, maybe you can’t fix the door handle that you broke or you didn’t get a call that you have been expecting for a while. He definitely appreciate those moments not only because you looks cute as hell burying your head on your hands or parading around the house with a phone in yourhand but also because he gets to be there for you, calm you down tell you I got you babe. We all know men love feeling needed.

When you are mad at him

Neyo said it, when you put your hands on him, in a fierce yet feminine way not like Solange did Jay. He appreciates the animal in you coming out. Finds you sexy because sometimes he will be imagining you grabbing him like that in bed or on top of the counter, while doing things lovers do. Well a man’s mind always has other ideas.

When you are feeling yourself

No not feeling yourself literally, but when you are putting on your freakum (Freak Him) dress on and you move around checking yourself in the mirror humming ‘oh I look good in this, I still have it” the whole self confident is a guaranteed turn on. Love yourself ma, he will love you even more.

When you join him in his silly

Your man, my man and everyone’s man have a little silly side, it might be ripping his shirt off like he’s usher when he’s happy, dancing in front of the TV when his favourite song plays, or dancing behind you in seductive way while you cook. Whatever it, when you join in and be silly with him, your boo will sure find that easy going spirit very sexy.

When you are a little jealous

When you are around people or in private, nothing strokes his ego as much as seeing you acting a little jealous and territorial over him. Not cursing out other women or ordering him to leave the party because he’s getting too much female attention, nothing extreme just a little cute side eye or touching his hand will make him find you sexy as hell.

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