Do You Have Questions For Us? Questions To Ask The Interviewer

ask somethingWhen you are going for an interview you have to be prepared to sell yourself well and that means, be ready to answer all questions and also ask your interviewer/s questions too if they award you a chance to do so.

Some of the opportunities the interviewers give the interviewee is to ask questions that yoou may have on your mind, having been to many interviews myself both as an interviewee and an interviewer I know from personal experience how disappointing it is when a person fails to ask questions.

What is the company’s management style?

This is to get an insight on the culture of the company so you will understand better what is required, should you get the job.

How does one advance or get ahead in the company?

This question will sure score you few marks with your interviewer because they will see that you are a driven person who is always looking to better themselves, that means you will do the same for the company.

How many people work in this office and who will I be reporting to?

This will help avoid the long orientation when you get the gig.

Is this a new position, if not who was responsible for it before, why did they leave?

What does a typical day or week look like for the person in this position? 

After reading my resume and meeting me in person how do you see me as a candidate compared to a desired candidate for this job?

When will you let me know if I got the job?

What are some of the problems your company faces right now? And how I can contribute to solving them?

Remember the main objective for asking all these questions is not to prove that you can ask questions but it is to show that you want the job and to see if it fits with your career path.

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