Custody Wars: Lil Wayne Wants Nicki & Drake On Top Of 8 Million From His “Daddy” Birdman

walk outThe Kash money Young money business is about to be no more as its main cash cow Lil Wayne is set on moving on without his rapper daddy Baby Birdman.

As TMZ previously reported Lil Wayne is in the process of leaving cash money because he is unhappy with the delay of his album among other things.

Wayne has also taken his daddy to court suing him for $8 Million and custody of his main artists Drake, Nicki Minaj and the other two we can’t re call.

lip lockTMZ Reports

Our Weezy sources tell us in addition to demanding millions from Birdman Wayne plans to sue to ensure all his Young Money Entertainment artists remain under HIS umbrella.

Drake, Nicki, Christina Milian, and Lil Twist are all signed to Wayne’s label. Mack Maine is also a YME artist, and the label’s president.

Even though Birdman was integral in molding Drake and Nicki’s careers … we’re told Weezy believes the superstars should go with him because their contracts are with YME.

Clouding the issue is the fact … Cash Money has a distribution deal with all of the Young Money artists. Most likely the matter will have to settled in court, but we’re told Wayne’s intent is clear — he’s not leaving without his crew.

He said as much on the mixtape track, “CoCo” “I ain’t trippin’, I got Barbie … I got Drake too

Birdman is somewhere asking himself was it ever real?

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