Keep My Anaconda Vid: Disgraced Pastor Tells Congregation “Watch My Naked Video”

PS Zondo  pic sourced from: IOL newa

PS Zondo
pic sourced from: IOL newa

Disgraced Zero to Hero ministries pastor Sithembiso Zondo spoke out publicly for the first time on Sunday regarding a leaked video of him parading naked in his home.

The video that was allegedly filmed by the man’ of God’s mistress was published by Daily sun last week and was an instant internet sensation in the country.

The disgraced pastor took to a podium on his church to address the video publicly for the first time; he stood on the podium and admitted to everyone that it was indeed in on the video and that he was ashamed of it.

He told the flock that the pain he felt when the video was released was nothing compared to what he felt when he was threatened about it release last year (2014), the charismatic pastor and motivational speaker said he had forgiven the lady who filmed it and those she had “worked” with, leading people to believe that the video was a conspiracy to bring him down.

He said he had been fasting since the video was released and God told him not to only pray for himself but also the lady who filmed the video.

Zondo went on to tell the church not to delete the video “Do not delete my naked video. In life you’ll be in a bad situation and when that time comes, go through my video again and be reminded that there was once a naked pastor who made news. What could be more embarrassing?” Zondo said.

He then went on to apologise to Ukhozi fm who employs him as a motivational speaker, his seniors at church and everyone he had let down.

“I stand before you in shame. I am sincerely sorry,” Zondo said.

Watch the pastor’s ANACONDA HERE 18SN

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