Did Nature Call? Chinese Man Caught With Over 90 iPhones Strapped Around His Body

smuggler sirThat must have been one heavy load; they relieved him in more ways than one.

The verge

A citizen of Hong Kong, the man had strapped rings of iPhones around his thighs, torso, calves, and crotch, using a combination of plastic bags and masking tape. Pictures show both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The phones have been seized and are currently being held by customs officials, reports the site.

The latest batch of iPhones have been available in China for months, but smuggling is still common for stolen phones, which are often easier to fence in Asia. According to the report, so-called “mobile armor” is a fairly common tactic for phone smugglers. Police noticed this particular smuggler due to “weird walking posture, joint stiffness, and muscle tension,” an obvious result of covering your entire body in touchscreens.

We wonder how he answered his nature calls with phones in his behind and genitals.


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