Motion Sickness

motionMotion sickness is dizziness, nausea, and vomiting that people suffer when their sense of balance and equilibrium is disrupted by continuous movement. Travelling in a car, aboard a ship or boat, or riding on a swing all can cause stimulation of the vestibular system and visual stimulation that often leads to discomfort. While this sickness can be bothersome, it is not a serious illness, and can be prevented.

How is motion sickness caused?

When you are in a vehicle that moves continuously with relatively slow and prolonged motion, the organ of balance in your inner ear may be affected, causing motion sickness.

Age: Children suffer more from motion sickness than adults and usually adults over 50 rarely suffer from motion sickness

In motion sickness, a discrepancy occurs with the motion that is expected to occur and the actual motion sensed by the organ of balance in the inner ear. These sudden signals translate into a confused message by the brain, leading to the development of symptoms. For example, if you are in the cabin of a moving ship, your inner ear may sense the motion of big waves, but your eyes don’t see any movement. This leads to a conflict between the senses and results in motion sickness.

Symptoms of motion sickness:

The symptoms includes Nausea, vomiting, dizziness (vertigo), sweating and a general feeling of discomfort and not feeling well (malaise), headache and a pale appearance.

Preventions of motion sickness:

Avoiding strong food odors may help prevent nausea, do not sit facing backwards from your direction of travel, open a window or source of fresh air if possible, reducing sensory input by, for example, lying prone, looking at the horizon, or shutting eyes.

Treatments for motion sickness:

Antihistamine medications are usually used for treating motion sickness. These medications help to prevent and treat the nausea, vomiting, and dizziness caused by motion sickness by reducing the stimulation of the inner ear. Hyoscine, normally known as scopolamine, is also used to treat motion sickness. It is works by blocking some of the nerve signals that are sent from the vestibular syste

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