State Of The Art: Museums Worth Seeing In SA

apartheid04aNot saying others are not worth a chance but these are state of the art.

These are scattered places that hold momentum of South African history you cannot find anywhere else in the world, take a short left to one of these museums and discover tons of history packed on dusty shelves.

Luthuli Museum

A former home of Albert Luthuli a former struggle hero and ANC president is situated in KwaDukuza at the north Cost of Kwa Zulu Natal.

The Museum was officially opened in August 2001, and has been recognized as one of South Africa’s heritage sites. Who wouldn’t want to see what used to be the home of the very first African Nobel prize winner?

Nelson Mandela Museum

Located at his birth and retirement place Qunu in the Eastern Cape Nelson Mandela museum is not only a museum but a land mark and true symbol of his long walk to his and every South African’s freedom.

A place where one can really come close to what it felt like for a once young Mandela to dream of liberation for all South Africans. The Nelson Mandela Museum was opened 10 years after his realise from Robin Island, and it is supported by the Eastern Cape Department of Arts and Culture. It commemorates his life and work, from childhood to adulthood, through its exhibitions, publications, collections, educational and cultural programmes and in true Mandela style it has a host of educational programmes for local children.

Iziko Museums

For all things historical, social and artistic you must visit this museum, it has everything from fossils that date back to 700 million ago and stone tools made by people thousands of years ago. The South African Museums was founded in 1825. For nearly 200 years scientists at the museum have been gathering collections and studying them.

The Museum also holds various exhibitions for the public.

Rhino Museum in Limpopo

This is a point of eco-tourism and conservation, the Waterberg boasts Africa’s only Rhino Museum, devoted entirely to the conservation of rhinoceros. The species that has roamed Planet Earth for more than 30 million years has been brought to the verge of extinction in less than 30 years. Every person should visit this museum to fully understand why there is the struggle to keep Rhinos on Earth and why pouching should not occur.

Apartheid Museum

This is a significant point of rise and fall of apartheid regime in South Africa, a one of its kind place where you can relive the most horrific regime to ever happen to South African Black people.

This museum tells a unique story of Apartheid in South Africa through, pictures, videos and some dramatic illustrations.

If you want to experience the old South Africa in a new South Africa this is the place you should see.

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