Grab Your Broomsticks Witches: Hogwarts School Is Up And running You Can Study Witch Craft Online

the GsHarry Porter fans stand up, your favourite school Hogsward is up and running ready to accept your applications to study witch craft and understand the good side of the dark side.

Yep like Harry potter you can have your parent’s drop you in a train station and disappear in the wall and appear inside the train and let more other things at Hogwarts Is Here

This fun site is created by Harry Potter fans and has no personal relations to the franchise, its actors or the book writer JK Rowling’s. All this is stated in HIH site.

But you don’t have to take my word for it log on to Hogwarts Is Here yourself and check it out, who knows maybe you will register for a course or two.

All the courses take a long 7 years to finish, damn witch craft is like medicine, there’s lot to study.

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