No Flex Zone: Majority Of Women Feel That Men Should Under No Circumstances Wear A Speedo At The Beach


Ladies can dish it but can’t take it; a new survey shows that most women don’t get excited seeing men walking in their Speedos at the beach.

The survey conducted by a British travel agency shows that women rather their men wear tight brif shorts  and 70% of women rather the guys wear swim shorts.

Majority of men quizzed said they don’t mind seeing their women parade in their bikinis; a few proffered a tankin while 2% said they’ll rather their women cover up in kaftans.

The survey also revealed the majority of women (71 per cent) are happy to go with the natural look by not wearing any make-up on the beach but three per cent like to stick to their usual ‘make-up routine’.

However, 24 per cent of British women admit they are less likely to wear sun cream on the beach if they are wearing make-up.

The majority of guys (68 per cent) say they always use SPF on holiday, with 13 per cent saying they use a tanning oil. However, nine per cent admit to never using any form of sun protection during their holiday.

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