Chris Brown Reads Karrueche To Filth After She allegedly Dumped Him

Chris BrownPeople on social media simply refuse to get this girl’s name right.

slander is real Poor Kru

Well after this public humiliation it safe to say that Karrueche Tran’s reign as Chris Brown’s eternal side chick is finally over.

chris bitshThe two lover birds got into on social network after Chris publicly confirmed that they had indeed broke up and got up close and personal with Kardashian gang of ….s in one of his concerts. Those Kardashians love them some brothers with little paper, I tell you but that’s a story for another day. Back to Chris Brown and his eternal side smash Karrueche Krakow Kruse, in a past week Krum tweeted that she was a single lady again but shortly told the tweeps that the tweet was no relation to her relation status or lack of with Chris Brown but rather a reference to her new role in an American TV show single ladies which she will be featured on.

sleepFast-forward This weekend Krakow Kra tweeted “N*ggas be on their feelings when you break up with them” As soon as Chris caught a wind of that tweet he forgot all the breathing tactics he learned on his anger management classes. He went on full force and attacked Krayone via instagram. He alluded that Krayone kross knew what it is when they started, even mentioned that she got into 3 sums to please him and he elevated her lifestyle, he wasn’t done he mentioned that in 4 months that he was jail birding KravizKrum only visited him once, because she was too busy visiting Drake in Toronto and having dinner dates with him instead of visiting him in Jail.

too muchKrayonie did tweet something about self respect and choosing herself but we can’t remember any of it Chris Brown’s scoop about 3 sums was too juicy to compete with.

Drake trip


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