Stop Women Abuse By All Means Neccesary: Two Sisters Beat Down Three Creeps Who Were Sexually Harassing Them On A Bus

Women take back your power.

Two Indian sisters aged 19 & 20 have gone viral after a video of them beating the sh*t out of 3 men who were sexually harassing them hit the internet.

According to a news reports Artie and Pojia were riding the bus when 3 grown men came into them and started making sexually harassing remarks and gestures.

The two reportedly said not today and started beating the creep out of the 3, one passage on the bus recorded the whole incident and somehow it made its way to the internet and the two sisters became an instant internet sensation, prompting the cops to arrest tow of the three creeps.

Way to go Arrtie and Porja, these creeps need to learn.


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