Fix It Jesus: More South Africans To Travel To TB Joshua’s Church

tb-joshua-nigeriaSome of their own died horrible and painful death in SCOAN church but that won’t stop 8 000 more South Africans who are allegedly ready to travel to Nigeria to attend TB Joshua’s church.

According to SABC new 88 South Africans have booked flights to travel to the west African country of Nigeria to receive miracles.

Voxissmat Travel spokesperson, Lamola Mabunda says many people have already made bookings to travel to Lagos to attend the church.

“Over 8 000 people have already booked to travel once the repatriation process of our beloved ones is completed and given a decent burial. Then we’ll consider that and also SCOAN will advise us when they are ready to receive the people. People know the reason why they want to go [to the SCOAN]. Some of the reasons include healing and deliverance” explains Mabunda.

Meanwhile, the families of the 11 victims whose remains are yet to be repatriated say they have confidence in the government’s efforts.

Source: www.SABCNEWS.COM

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