Father Beats Evil Nanny To The Coma After He Saw Her Abusing His Child On Camera

aneelaNanny McEvil is Lucky she leaved to tell her tale after an angry father put hand on her after he witnessed what she did to his toddler daughter.

22-year-old Jolly Tumuhiirwe was babysitting baby Aneela who had been falling sick on that day.

Nanny Jolly was feeding little Aneela but she couldn’t eat because of her illness we presume, the nanny is seen slapping the child at least twice while she feeds her.

When she’s done feeding the baby she grabs a meal for herself she sits herself comfortably on the family’s living room next to the child and starts to eat. While she eats this family’s food the sick child pukes and hell hath no fury like a nanny interrupted during her meal, she pushes the bay who falls face down, makes a loud scream but that doesn’t bother evil she kicks and slaps, her picks up an object and continuously whips the child in her bum before standing on her like a stage.

A father who had place cameras on the house to monitor the nanny, because she was new on the job noticed bruises on his baby’s body decided to investigate, he got the shock of her life when he reviewed the camera footage.

After seeing everything on his spy cam he went on and beat the 22 year old nanny to the pulp, police were called he was arrested but after he showed them the video he was released and the now wheelchair bound nanny has been charged with child abuse.

If you have the stomach, watch the video below.

We are not the ones who promote violence but what would you have done if it was your child?

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