Nobody Wants That: A guide To Buying Christmas Gifts For Co- Workers

folks at work

We all know what time  of the year it is, the festive season is approaching and every office in this world is planning and looking foward to hosting their own christmas party, to celebrate the good year it has been together.

What is a Christmas party without exchanging gifts? Gifts are great, but you really have to be careful about what you buy for your colleagues. You don’t want to buy people gifts they don’t want.

You know what’s worst than a person who shows up empty handed for an office party? Is someone who buys a gift that nobody wants.

Here’s a survival guide for this year’s office party:

#Stay away from the alcohol, buying an expensive bottle of alcohol for your boss or your colleague can seem cool, but is not because some people may be offended by the gesture or even worst they may not even drink. So alcohol is a no go. Unless you are absolutely sure that the next person loves to sit down, and down a few shots of a particular alcohol brand.

#Consider the person’s interest, if the person is self a proclaimed gamer or book lover go along those lines.  Pick something that a receiver will appreciate.

If you can’t figure what your client/ workers would love for a gift rather opt for personalized gifts, they are a great life saver.  Pick things like photo frames, with the recipients photo, this gift is both effective and cheap and is more likely to receive maximum appreciation.

The ultimate rule is getting something that the person you are going to give to likes, not something that you like, the gift is not for you.

Be careful not to go overboard with luxury gifts that will cost you an arm and a leg.

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