Bedroom Exhibitionists Have More Fun

LouderThe exhibitionists as they are called have more fun in the bed room compared to Steve and Beth who like to keep things “intimateand personal” well that’s according to the study by British University of Leeds.

These researchers found a direct link to expressing enjoyment and enhanced pleasure.

Surprisingly women are the ones who enjoy “it” more when they hear their partners expressing their joy.

It is thought this is because they are assured that they are performing well and their efforts are appreciated (typical women who love appreciation).

Brothers on the other side are said to enjoy sex more if their partners are noisy (tell us something we don’t know).

Researchers had 71 women report on the noises they make during sex and the most women reported to making more noise before and during their partners orgasm- suggesting that this is a deliberate act.

Almost two-thirds of women said they intentionally made more noise to
help their partner finish.
In all women who were part of the study 94% admitted that they are noisier than men, and 7 in 10 men agreed that women are louder.

One explanation for why women are noisier is because their orgasms are
more intense.

The bundle of nerves on a woman’s clitoris is much larger than it is near the man’s penis giving women added pleasure when they orgasm.

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