When Did You Stop Thinking You’re Beautiful?

DoveReally many people need to tell us this especially women, when did you stop thinking you are beautiful? Is the question Dove’s campaign/ ad wants you to ask yourself.

I must say after Dove sketches I became addicted to Dove as the brand and their ads, because of the way they uniquely touched the sensitive subject of beauty among women.

As a woman myself I’ve had difficulties with self confidence, mainly because growing up I use to feel that I was not beautiful, I always felt intimidated and overshadowed by “more beautiful girls” around me.

Until I went to college where I grew to love myself a bit more and went back to thinking that I am actually very beautiful.  I owe getting my confident back to my girls. I was very fortunate to have positive girlfriends who were very supportive, in my circle of friends there were no pulling each other down moments we complimented and made each other better.

I know it’s very rare for a girl to have people like that in life that’s why I applaud Dove for reaching out to women from all walks of life with their positive about beauty ads, the latest titled “when did you stop thinking you were beautiful” is just spot on showing how women react when they are captured by a candid camera moment, instead of smiling and pausing they shy away cover their faces, slam doors and run the opposite direction. Prompting the question “WHEN DID YOU STOP THINKING YOU ARE BEAUTIFU?

Watch the ad HERE

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