Is Hitting It From Behind Healthy And Safe?

scaredIt’s a taboo to some people but reality is more and more straight couples are engaging in anal sex, it’s no longer just a gay couple thing. There are thousands of tales about it but today we focus on the health side of it. Is it healthy and how do you make sure that you are not compromising your health in the course of pleasure?

Yes anal sex is safe, as long as you take some necessary precautions before you indulge in it, you have to remember that unlike the vagina the anus doesn’t have natural lubrication that automatically lubricates when you get sexually excited.

So one of these precautions mean buying a good lubricant, it will help ease the pain. Also use a condom to reduce chances of contracting some bacteria and STI’s.

When you are actually performing the act, make sure to loosen up your muscles, don’t be stiff because that might affect the whole course and make the experience hurt even more. Play around with your partner, a massage might actually help ease you before you start.

The last question I know everybody is asking is will both partners enjoy the experience, well I don’t have a straight answer for that, some couples enjoy it equally but some women do it to please their partners not because they enjoy it.

Either way if you decide to experiment, do it with a clear mind, no pre meditated ideas about what the result will be.

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