How To Find The Right Foundation For Your Skin Colour

?????????Finding foundation that suites your skin tone can be quite difficult for most of us, if you don’t really know or you not sure what colour best suites your skin, you could be in for a big disaster. To avoid looking like a drag follow these easy steps to finding your perfect makeup colour.

If you have any make up on remove it all, stand in front of the mirror cover your upper body with plain white shirt to get a perfect flow and natural colour.

Check your skin color from check to chin, also check if there your neck and face are any different.

Judging from the colour you think your skin is, pick a couple of makeup shades that you think are as close to the skin you just dictated.

If the foundation blendes well with your skin and sort of disappear into it (be invisible), then you have found your perfect make up shade congratulations.

Remember to buy the same color always, now you are your own makeup artist.

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