Local Production Company Announces Own Real Housewives Of Jozi

KenyaIf you are a fan of Bravo TV’s real housewives franchise you might be happy to hear that SA has put a spin and came up with a local version of the hit show.

The company behind the show Tiger Media said they are ready to roll, though they don’t  have an official channel yet they are hoping to premier as soon as early next year (2015).

The cast comprises of mostly unknown rich folks, yawn worthy Top Billing ‘meet the house owners edition” type of people. I don’t know any of these ladies except for Mshoza Sorisha Naidoo, whom I loved in Scandal and Easten mosaic when she was still a brown girl. Hopefully her Mshozaness doesn’t take away from her inner beauty and spirit that I grew fond of while she was on the above mentioned shows.

The rest to me are foreign I don’t know them, which makes me very uneasy but nobody knew who Nene Leakes was before the RHOA, yet she brought us fun and fierce. Hopefully these ladies are not a bunch of Cynthia’s AND Porshas.

The production company says SA version won’t be anything like the US one, as much as I encourage and support originality I still would like to see the Miss Lawrence, Brandons Ms DerekJs of Jozi. I mean what is a housewife without her Gay Best Friend? Are you looking forward to Jozi’s own Real Housewives?

The cast of in no official order is as follows,

Mshoza NaidoSorisha Naidoo

Crowned Miss India South Africa – 2001.

Former graveyard DJ who gradually graduated to Prime time breakfast DJ

Hosted the lunchtime lot on Highveld stereo

Hosted Big Brand Bonanza on SABC 3 and Eastern Mosaic

Former PR lady for big casinos and hotel chains


An entrepreneur who owns and runs a leading Aesthetic Clinic

Imports and exports range of her own cosmetics.

A mother and a wife.

Recently launched her new product in Johannesburg – Crystal Tomato


Puleng Mash-Spies

Puleng is in her second and final marriage. She’s a mother of two, loud, blue-eyed; fashion forward, politically inclined diva known for having red wine for breakfast.

Aimee Sadie

Aimee is a single 30 year old part time model, entrepreneur and fashion buyer. She also runs Desch, a family owned boutique in Sandton City.

Nazli Delpor

Her marital status is complicated, she shares. But she is a mother of one, a marketing manager at Hush and KONG night clubs and an image consultant known for a great fashion sense and stunning legs.

Christie Swanepoel

Divorced but dating mother of two boys and two step sons.

CEO for Energy at Work – a leader in temp recruitment

Works and plays hard

Currently dating a younger man that’s running an IT company

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