Mom’s Lover Fatally Shoots Teen Daughter


A 19 year old Joburg teen Mikaela met death unsuspectingly on her way home.

According to IOL report the teen and her 19 year old boyfriend were traveling in their vehicle to the teen’s house when her (Mikaela) mother’s boyfriend signaled them to stop.

The whole incident was witnessed by 19 year old Kaylin Roberts Mikaela’s boyfriend.

Robert’s father told the star newspaper that the alleged gunman, stopped two teenagers when they were driving to Mikael’s home, they stopped and parked behind his car because they recognized the car and thought maybe that the suspect was with the girl’s mother maybe they wanted to give them a key to the house.

When they stopped the suspect held the girl (mikaela) by her neck and shot her, she died instantly; the boy Robert’s got off the car and ran the suspect was allegedly chasing and shooting at him until he arrived at his home which is not very far from where Mikaela was murdered at.

Kaylin’s mother, Amanda Roberts, said the alleged suspect tried to pin the crime on her son, “what kind of grown man does that” she was quoted by the news paper saying. The family said they were not sure if their son who is currently sitting in for his final high school year exams would be able to continue with them.

“I don’t know how he’s going to write. He’s feeling guilty for running away. He feels responsible for what happened,” Grant said.

Mikaela’s father, Curt Bagley, said he also suspected his daughter was killed because of a vendetta. “I think it’s vendetta, but we don’t know the motive,” he said.

Police spokesman Constable Michael Kgatle said the suspect had been arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder. He was expected to appear in court on Tuesday.

This dirt old bag should get maximum sentence for this.

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