Fake Thugs: Entertainers Who Lied To Get Their Street Credibility Pass

officer fatyIn  hip hop one has to be “gangster” and hardcore and have a history of living the hard life and straight thuging in order to be accepted as artist and get their street cred, some people become so desperate to gain their street credibility that they lie about their history and fake the thug life to make it. Today we count the top 5 fake a$$ thugs with fake street credibility.


The not afraid liar used his fake pass to make it and get his street cred, Marshall Mathers claimed for years that his mother was a drug edict and he had it hard at home and school.  He claimed his mother abused and neglected him and at school he was bullied at school which is true. He dropped out and started thuging and eventually found peace, fame and acceptance in hip hop culture. Marshall is a big fat liar, mamma Mathers never beat him, she single handedly provided for Marshal and was by his side when bulling landed him in a hospital. Marshall bagged her to go along with his fake story for his career’s sake. Talk about a woman who loves hard.


I love Plies hands down his song Bust it baby stays on my lips, the golden grill rapper claim to have some running with the law and at some point it surfaced that he was arrested for drug related crimes, but when people went digging it was found that Plies was almost a qualified nurse, yep he was that good. He initially studied nursing but dropped out to follow his rap dreams. All I have to say is WHY nurse Plies, why?

Rick Ross

THE BIG FAT LIAR, is the only way to describe this fake BOSS, The real Rick Ross/ Freeway Ricky is a notorious criminal he is known in the street, Google him, he is a convicted American drug dealer who reigned supreme in the streets of CA and LA. He was the dream and untouchable until police caught his dirty self and put him behind bars, then a fraud of a warrant officer William Leonard Roberts II, stole freeway Ricky’s identity to make it as a rapper. Fat fake Rozzay has zero street cred, he’s “The man” aka POPO/Police he used to watch the street before committing identify theft. God forgives but the real Rick Ross doesn’t,  remember that Officer Roberts.


He has given us some of the greatest hip hop lines like “started from the bottom”, but really Drake doesn’t relate to that, he started from upper middle class, his rich mother had a house that young Kanye and Jayz only saw on TV. He was also  an actor in a popular Canadian TV show called Degrrasi where he was nick named wheelchair Jimmy (His character in Degrrasi was at some point shot and became wheelchair bound), wheelchair Jimmy’s street cred is not even fake it non existent.

Nicki Minaj

She’s currently hip hop’s it girl,  all dolled up and lady like but before she became a proper head Barbie Nicki faked it til she made it. Beside copying Lil Kim to the latter, when she first came up she claimed to be bisexual and that helped her a lot with LGB community, spitting rhymes like she only goes hard for really bad lesbian. That’s not the only lie Nicki carried around she said her father burned their house down when they were young and almost killed her mother, but Mr. Miraj denied all that, Liar,liar pink pants and wig on fire.


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