Eviction Begins At Home: When Holiday Guests Won’t Leave


we all have these “special” people in our families or circle of friends who just over stay their welcome, especially around the festive season.

You’ve been sorry for the past year, and years before that you welcomed them in your home, you would do anything not to have them come to your home this year but unfortunately some cannot be avoided as they are your mother in law, uncles and aunts or even your own parents. It would be rude to chase them out straight in their face. So that’s why we’ve come to your aid to give you tips on how to deal with those guests who just won’t leave.

First you must have a throw them out plan

I have four (4) throw them out plans that you can choose from, the first is to

Be upfront.

This is for the bold and the brave, on arrival tell your guests that they can only stay for certain number of days in your home; you don’t have to give them reasons as this is your home and you set the rules.

For the faint hearted like myself, lie.

Do anything to defend your home from permanent guests, tell them that you have to visit a certain friend or family member in week’s time.

Resolve to tough love

When your guests won’t leave make sure that this year you don’t cater much comfort, have just one free bed in your house, and little blankets.

Make sure that your refrigerator is empty; starve them to their homes if you have to.

Help them to leave

Say suggestive things like, “oh it’s been lovely having you around, I’ll call a taxi to come and pick you up tomorrow morning”.

Or “I will drive you to the train station at 6, with all your stuff don’t worry about calling a cab”.

Or just make yourself a head mistress or master in your house start allocating chores and put a roaster to show that you are serious, to make it even more sour don’t put your name on the roaster. That will send everybody packing.

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