Ayo Technology: Chinese Man Buys 99 iPhones To Propose To Girlfriend & She Turns Him Down

soul or nahKanye West never met this Chinese woman but he wrote a song fit to describe her heartless act.

Chinese man who bought 99 iPhones to make a heart shape on the ground as part of his proposal to his girlfriend suffered a very expensive embarrassment when she said NO.

Hollywood life

The occasion of “Singles’ Day” (November 11 in China) will now take on new meaning for the man who got shot down, as he felt it would be a great time to propose.

A young programmer, the spurned aspiring groom put together a marriage proposal in which 99 iPhone 6’s were arranged on the ground in the form of a heart

The plan cost him a cool $82,000 – yes, dude paid the full price of the product, while you get the $199 price subsidized by Verizon – which is just insane.  Not enough to impress her, though. She said no thanks.

Even worse? Photos and documentation of the event are up on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. So he’s now going viral on other people’s iPhones.

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