Dumb Criminal: Robber Forced To Leave Empty Handed After Failed Robbery

dumb broadStupid thug was forced to do the walk of shame after a failed robbery attempt

Orange news report, A trilby-wearing robber was forced to leave empty-handed when he tried holding up a pharmacy with a gun – and was ignored.

The hapless crook was caught on CCTV strolling into the shop in the city of Seville in southern Spain shortly before closing time.

As an assistant goes to help a couple of customers with a baby, the man wearing glasses and a hat is seen approaching the counter where he pulls out a gun and points it at cool-headed pharmacist Amaru Barrios Ruiz, 27.

dumbRuiz said: “He demanded money and I just told him simply he wasn’t going to get anything.

“He looked completely dumbfounded and repeated the demand pointing the gun at me again.

“So I pushed it away and told him no.”

As the comical scene was being played out, just feet away the customers and other pharmacist carried on their business completely oblivious to the robber.

Customer Bianca Sierra Lozano, 34, said: “I was vaguely aware of the man at the counter but wasn’t the slightly bit interested in what he wanted.”

The frustrated crook then walks over to the other pharmacist who also tells him to go away.

Unsure of what to do, the crook stands in an aisle looking at the pharmacists who pay him little attention, before he finally gives up and walks out.

Chemist Ruiz said: “It was pretty bizarre really, both for us and I guess especially for him.

“He wanted to rob us and more or less got ignored.

A police spokesman said: “I think they were quite lucky and we urge anyone who sees someone with a gun to alert the police at the earliest opportunity, and not to tackle them themselves.”

Poor Dumber.

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