SCORPIO Oct. 23-Nov. 21
Lucky you – delays are over, and your energy, clout and charisma are at a yearly peak. You’re poised to start a significant project, new venture, relationship or life-changing action. (Actually, you might have already started something last week, Oct. 23 to 25. If so, continue it or change direction now.) Don’t sell yourself short: aim high, aim big. Your career prospects are golden – now to next August bosses, parents, VIPs, even authorities support you, are willing to grant big favours. Chase money Sunday/Monday – buy/sell, expand clientele, ask for a pay raise (8 to 9 a.m. PDT). Though it’s not a usual romantic time, everything seems to be sprinkled with star dust, with sweet thoughts and gentle daydreams. Dive into errands, communications, friendly visits and calls Tues./Wed. Your heart’s at home Thurs./Fri. – relax, contemplate, embrace family, but don’t sign anything, especially education or retirement plans, especially Friday night. Saturday’s for romance, creative and speculative adventures, sports, nature’s beauty, pleasure, charming kids. Love is possible!

SAGITTARIUS Nov. 22-Dec. 21
Recent delays have ended, so march forward now, Sage, especially Sunday/Monday, when your energy and effectiveness are high. But march toward things that we usually don’t associate with success: meditation, solitude, contemplation, yoga, research, charity involvements, government applications or formalities/forms, warehousing, and finding a secure place. This “journey” should take about 4 weeks. You might notice that your recent assertiveness starts to die down – that’s just part of the trend. Now to early December, more money than usual flows to you. Perhaps this involves a pay raise or reflects a growing clientele. More likely, it is just luck; perhaps you made a lucky gamble recently, or creative efforts start to pay off. However it comes, bank it, pay down debt, DON’T spend it. There’s nothing worthwhile to purchase before January. Such money trends are emphasized midweek (Tues./Wed.). Earlier, Sunday/Monday, you receive a nice boost in energy and attractiveness – this can help you find that “secure place” (anything from a piece of realty to a spiritual position). Errands, communications and casual acquaintances fill Thurs./Fri. – all’s fine, but don’t engage in secrets, tawdry intimacy or financial dealings Friday night. Saturday’s for home – almost anything connected to the home is lucky, so repair, paint, decorate, garden, hug kids, start retirement programs, etc.

CAPRICORN Dec. 22-Jan. 19
Delays have essentially ended, Cap, so you can march forth confidently. In fact you might be too confident, as Mars travels through your sign until early December. This will make you more determined and assertive. It also “shines up” your executive abilities – now’s the time to prove to higher-ups that you can be a manager (if you want this) – or head up a bigger department/project. In general, though, the weeks ahead emphasize wish fulfillment, flirty friendships, group affairs, politics, popularity, optimism and – well, happiness! Sunday/Monday break this trend a bit, bringing temporary quietude, contemplation, and lowered energy. Get a good rest – you’re going to need it soon. This interval (Sun./Mon.) brings money ideas and financial luck – a communication from a friend, or an article on the web, in a newspaper, might play a key role, show you the opportunity door. Your energy and charisma soar Tues./Wed. – start significant projects (NOT in money, earnings) call in favours, see and be seen. Chase money Thurs./Fri., but carefully: others might promise what they can’t deliver, or an item you need, want to purchase could be missing. Saturday’s for errands and friends – visits will please, reward.

AQUARIUS Jan. 20-Feb. 18
Recent delays and confused thinking are over, so charge ahead confidently – especially toward an ambitious, prestige or career goal now to late November. You’ll be helped in this by a parade of opportunities passing you, by great public relations, and upbeat, optimistic relationships with everyone, including co-workers. One of the best paths to advancement, now to next August, can be to join (or form) a group of like-minded people; this group can help make your wishes come true, can bring contacts and open doors. Now to December 4, protect yourself against gossip and belligerent people. (The best protection against both is to not be a part of it: e.g., don’t gossip, drop those biker friends, avoid dark alleys, etc.) Same period, the government might frustrate you with demands for more paperwork, whatever: remain diplomatic; realize you’ve earned their attention. Sunday/Monday are blissful: fresh new horizons, optimism, social delights, entertainment, popularity, flirtatious contacts. But retreat to rest and contemplate Tues./Wed. Be charitable, spiritual, catch up on that government paperwork. Envision and plan. Your energy surges upward Thurs./Fri. – start things, ask favours, see and be seen – but step carefully also, for many are not on your side, both nights. (Best opportunities: Friday afternoon, PDT.) Saturday starts a sensual, money-lucky weekend.

PISCES Feb. 19-March 20
October’s delays and indecision are over. (Though you can remain a bit indecisive for a week or two.) The month ahead emphasizes a broader view, higher learning, far travel, publishing and advertising, statistics, science, cultural involvements, law, religion and philosophy – and love. Friends will be more assertive, will call you more often, now to early December. But, though you might be tempted, don’t try to turn this (contacts, popularity) into money – don’t make sales pitches to social groups or friends – in the end, you would feel stuck to this unprofitable venture like a fly to flypaper. Sunday/Monday bring luck in career and other ambitious areas – charge ahead. Optimism, popularity, wish fulfillment, flirtation and entertainment visit you Tues./Wed. – love might be coming. Retreat Thurs./Fri. – contemplate, examine, plan, rest, deal with civil servants, institutions. (Don’t plan or act Friday after 5:30 pm PDT.) Your energy, charisma and effectiveness soar Saturday – start something! Someone might reveal their attraction to you (Sat. or the following Sunday).

The End.


TAURUS April 20-May 20
Recent delays and tangled situations end and clear. The weeks ahead accent crucial relationships – business partners, spouse, strong friend, lawyer, counsellor – anyone with whom you must deal. That includes enemies, so the times ahead can as well be filled with good as bad, with negotiations or litigation, with marriage or divorce. To succeed, be co-operative, see what attracts others, fulfill their desires as a path to success. Jump on opportunities, consider relocation, smile on everyone. One thing: those you deal with, as in the last two years, will be sceptical, will want proof of your loyalty (or that your idea/proposal actually works). There will be no “easy sales!” But two things about that: 1) these same sceptical people can also offer you marriage or a legal partnership, or higher wisdom, or an overseas position; and 2) this atmosphere of scepticism is quickly fleeing, to exit by January 2015. Chase intimacy or financial action – or research, investigate – Sunday/Monday. A mellow mood, gentle love, wisdom and expanding horizons visit – benevolently – Tues./Wed. However, be patient, think twice Wed. morn (PDT). Your career, worldly standing, interactions with higher-ups and authorities can puzzled you Thurs. (friendly dismissal?). Friday’s better, but work alone this night. Wishes come true, so do social joys, popularity, Saturday – enjoy, flirt, make friends. Now to January, strictly avoid lawsuits and lawyers.

GEMINI May 21-June 20
October’s delays and mistakes end. The weeks ahead emphasize work, everyday health, machinery, service people, and dependents. Dress and eat sensibly. You are cleared to buy machinery in the month ahead, but don’t buy a vehicle, phone(s) or any communication devices. It’s not the best but not the worst time to purchase a computer or software. Relationships fill Sun./Mon. – in a good, lucky way. You might be freed from a hanger-on, or you might meet someone new and fascinating. Now to early December, your sexual side awakens, especially if you’re male. You might have an affair with a friend. Speaking of sex, Tues./Wed. quietly awaken all your yearnings, for intimacy, for riches (investment) for a lifestyle change (new life). One or two of these might succeed, but it seems destiny has more to say than your actions do. (That’s not necessarily bad!) Realize pregnancy “rides beside you,” waiting to occur. A mellow, wise mood floats over you Thursday/Friday. Dream of far travel, publishing and learning success. Commit to nothing Friday night. Be ambitious Saturday – start a project or run a proposal by your bosses.

CANCER June 21-July 22
Recent delays end now – you’re free to charge forward. The weeks ahead hold romance, pleasure, beauty, charming kids, adventure, creativity, games, sports and speculation. If you’re single, this breeze of romance might steer your life ship to someone who would make a good mate. Be alert and ready, not off-hand. Romance can be very sweet now to November 15. But now through late December, the people you naturally face (spouse, peers at work, etc.) will be more assertive than usual. That means enemies will grow bolder – but so will potential partners and lovers. Don’t turn these into enemies by being too sarcastic. Nurture everyone. You might form an ambitious partnership with your boss or a VIP. These relationship possibilities arise more noticeably Tuesday/Wednesday. Earlier, tackle chores Sun./Mon. All’s well. Life’s depths rise to the surface Thursday/Friday, making you yearn for sexual intimacy, or financial security, or nudging you into detective work or a health diagnosis. This interval is mixed, so think twice before investing or contracting debt – and realize love brings freedom, lust brings chains.

LEO July 23-Aug. 22
Recent delays and fuzzy thinking have ended, just in time for you to make some big decision, perhaps take major actions, involving the foundations of your life. For two years, home hasn’t been easy – perhaps more chores, perhaps you’ve worked at home, perhaps you took on a financial burden to purchase a home. In addition, your “territory” at work faced the same slow, restrictive, hard-work influence. (E.g., has been hard to expand your sales territory.) Well, this autumn represents the very last stage of this testing or responsibility-shouldering at home and work. Use the four weeks ahead to examine your life, to decide who and what stays, and who/what has grown stale, atrophied. Gently pry the latter’s fingers from your sleeve – you’re about to race into new adventures, new creative and daring ventures – and new loves if you’re single. Remember, this is your luckiest year (to Aug. 2015) in a decade. Sun./Mon. are romantic. Tackle chores Tues./Wed., but think before you speak Wed. morning. Relationships challenge and excite you Thurs./Fri. – realize it’s not yet time to pursue anyone. (Instead, tackle work – it’s hectic, demanding now to late December.) Saturday’s mysterious, filled with hunches and nudges – follow them, they could lead you to a good investment, a revelation, or unexpected intimacy. (Probably not to love, tho.)

VIRGO Aug. 23-Sept. 22
Delays are over, Virgo. You’ll charge out of the gate – but not to any major goal. Instead, the weeks ahead are filled with communications, errands, short trips, visits, siblings and casual friends. In addition, you’ll feel a rising wind of romance, creativity, a hunger for risk, now into late December. Don’t risk too much – fight impulsivity. It might be difficult to separate lust and romance – and right now you don’t have to. But if you notice “inexplicable” delays in growing intimate with someone sweet, just relax – pushing this will push it right out of your reach – OR lead you into a trap of your own making (they’re the hardest to escape). For 10 months, keep your eyes open for a blissful, lucky retreat, perhaps a vacation property. Sun./Mon. are for home, family, roots, nature, garden, nutrition – all’s well. Romance, creative and speculative thrills, beauty, pleasure and charming children populate Wed./Thurs. Tackle chores Thurs./Fri., but make sure you’re doing the right chore Thursday, and Friday night (bad date night). Saturday brings exciting meetings, starts a weekend of opportunity, fresh horizons. You might fall in love.

LIBRA Sept. 23-Oct. 22
In October you performed; now to late November you collect on that performance. In career, for example, if you have worked with success and dispatch, the weeks ahead will be the time to seek a reward: perhaps a pay raise or bonus, and/or a promotion. Or better furniture, better view. Don’t expect a major amount of money nor a stunning promotion. This is a belated reward for the July 2013 to July 2014 efforts you expended. But it won’t be big, rich. It will come in an almost offhand way, as if begrudged. One warning: if you meet significant resistance, but keep pushing for this reward, you could lose your job or see an income source end. Be especially diplomatic if you’ve already received a boost in the last 16 months. A lost job or income source is not particularly bad, as it will probably be replaced by a better one, but perhaps not for 4 years. Until you lose, you can’t gain. Otherwise, this is a good month for earnings, for buying and selling, for expanding your client list, etc. It’s also a good time for rote learning (e.g., foreign vocabulary) – and a sensual time. Errands and interesting information fill Sun./Mon. Be security-minded Tues./Wed. Embrace the kids. Start nothing legal Wed. morning (PDT). Romantic feelings buoy you Thurs./Fri. You accomplish a major clean-up or other task Saturday.

Source: AstralReflexions

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