Family Feud Over Food: Man Stabs Nephew For Eating Too Much Chops

uncle Wall and the crime scene.

uncle Wall and the crime scene.

Hold up uncle was it that serious?

A Limpopo Florida man allegedly stabbed his nephew for eating too much pork chops.

CBS12 report

Billy Wall and his nephew Charles Williams were arguing over the number of pork chops each one got to eat for dinner. Wall said he only got to eat one porkchop but his nephew ate three and thought his girlfriend didn’t get to have any. The arguement escalated and turned physical, according to the arrest report.

The two men were seperated when the girlfriend intervened and Williams then left the room.

Both men began to fight again after Williams said his nephew grabbed a machete and threatened him. Wall said he grabbed a wood stick and a struggle ensued over the machete. Wall told police he reached for a knife in his pocket and stabbed his nephew.

When a police officer arrived to the house, he saw the nephew, Charles Williams bleeding heavily. He was transported to a trauma center and underwent surgery.

Billy Wall was arrested and charged with aggravated domestic battery.

And you thought your uncle was bad

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